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Scientists at one time shared the title of natural philosophers, and indeed my passion for science begins early on with a fascination for nature and its wonders

And here I am, a computational physical chemist with a passion for Complex Systems, Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics, who decided at some point to engage with the inherent complexity of human genetics, biology and drug discovery research


This "nonlinear" career path led me to develop a research program with a strong focus on Systems Biology

I aim to understand how complex genetic information stored in our cells is decoded to generate the Gene Regulatory Networks and molecular pathways that, when perturbed, drive human disease processes


In my laboratory we integrate genetics and gene regulatory network analysis in an approach called Systems Genetics, to determine the consequences of key genes (or master genetic regulators) on functional pathways in disease, and ultimately identify new drug targets for therapeutic development

Recently, we are most excited for the discovery of WWP2, a gene that regulates the extent of tissue fibrosis in patients with important heart conditions (e.g. dilated cardiomyopathy) - starting from this discovery we have also identified novel small molecule inhibitors, which are pursuing in our laboratory for    anti-fibrotic drug development


With my friend, the tiny mouse-deer, in Langkawi island

This petite and apparently vulnerable fella has been around from the Oligocene, only 34 millions years ago


"The field of systems genetics embraces a variety of integrative data modeling approaches for the analysis of a biological system as a whole. Among the aims of systems genetics is the identification of the key genetic determinants for complex traits and disease and ultimately predict their phenotypic effects"

-  Enrico Petretto  -

The State of Systems Genetics in 2017 

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Systems Genetics

2000 - 2003

University of Sassari (Italy)

PhD in Biochemistry, Biology and Molecular Biotechnologies

Network Pharmacology and Drug Discovery

Fibrotic disease

1999 - 2000

University of Pavia (Italy)

MSc in Molecular Medicine and Genetic Epidemiology with specialization in Statistical Genetics

1993 - 1998

University of Sassari (Italy)

Master's Degree in Chemistry with specialization in Physical Chemistry

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